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Welcome to my blog! My name is Dat Trieu, or you can call me Darwin. I am Vietnamese, but now I live and work in the Netherlands with my wife.

One of my two biggest enthusiasms is data. As you can see from my website’s name, data-azure.com, I work with data in my job using Microsoft technology, especially Azure and PowerBI, which could slightly bias my viewpoints. Actually, I knew GCP first at the beginning of my career, I’ve read about AWS from time to time, and discussed with some technical peers about other smaller cloud service providers. All in all, Azure, in my opinion, is and will be the best, at least in terms of Analytics & BI field, where I am currently active.

This blog is dedicated to my first passion. For me, I’ve gained lots of knowledge and inspiration from the the supportive Microsoft community. I really feel lucky and honored to be a part of such a supportive community! Therefore, this blog is how I want to pay it forward! I hope the reflection, tips, and passion that I share can more or less help someone along their journey with data.

You may ask what my other passion is? That’s languages. I can speak 3 languages well (nothing to brag about, compared to what many other people can do), and some others with varying fluency. I’m still learning to improve them. Most of my time now is dedicated to the first passion – data, which partly holds back my linguistic growth. However, my dream is to learn more languages, teach languages, and will blog (or even write a book!) about languages during my retirement. Stay tuned till then! 😉

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